Drift Survey

Drift Survey is an 1,5 hour guided tour along the artworks presented in the art manifestation PLAY STATION SLOTERDIJK. The tour drifts through Sloterdijk Centre in an effort to map out the psychological and the geographical borders and grids of the city of Amsterdam, and challenges their limitations with the help of the artworks.
The art of PLAY STATION SLOTERDIJK will be the backbone of the tour, and we will talk about the works that change the space around them, as well as why they could not be placed anywhere else.

Start: Restaurant-Bar BRET, Orlyplein 76, Amsterdam
Meer informatie of aanmelden: reservations@getlost-artprojects.com

Children’s workshop:
Discover the artworks of PLAY STATION SLOTERDIJK

During PLAYSTATION, Sloterdijk transforms into a playful neighbourhood that inspires you to be creative. So let’s go out together and discover the artworks! After that, you can go to work with chalk, paper and glue to design a work of art that you think would make the neighbourhood even more fun. Then stick your creation on the display column so everyone can admire it!

> Wednesday 17 July, 14:00 – 16:00
> Saturday 14 September, 14:00 – 16:00
> Wednesday 21 August, 14:00 – 16:00

Participation is free of charge
Age: 6 – 12 years
Location: Hemboog station (platforms 9 and 10), Amsterdam Sloterdijk station
More information: info@getlost-artprojects.com